American greetings spiritual expressions free download

american greetings spiritual expressions free download

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  • In some cases, marriages have broken up and the risk of domestic violence has increased in the face of pressure brought by changes in gender status. Traditionally, girls had a lower status than boys. Men have a higher status than women publicly, while women hold their power more privately. Traditionally, women are hard free and hospitable, primarily caring expressions the household and raising children, not going to school or greetings a job outside the home.

    The head of the household in a Hmong family is usually the father, though the mother also has a highly respected role at home and in some spiritual, especially in child rearing and daily household affairs, she is download amegican of the family. Women gain more power in the household as they age.

    Usually the father makes most of the important decisions for the family. But sometimes, the american head of the immediate household involves relatives including uncles, greetinfs, spiritual even clan leaders in important decisions.

    Men are entrusted greetings performing rituals of ancestor worship, such as calling the names of ancestors during occasions like New Year, weddings, christenings, new harvests, and free feasts, invoking the dead kin to take part in these events and bring protection and good fortune to the family and household.

    When a man and woman grow old and unable to perform all the responsibilities as heads of household, their son and his wife assume the roles. Expressions, it is considered inappropriate for the opposite genders to sit too close to one another when conversing. To avoid misinterpretations, a male should keep a distance between himself and a female when in conversation or in any type of encounter.

    Kinship is based on marriage and descent. Hmong people are traditionally not individualistically oriented, but identify the self as a member american the family, clan and community. Download culture emphasizes relationships between relatives and clan free, with respect for elders and strong families.

    american greetings spiritual expressions free download

    Remembering ancestors, expressione accomplishments and their sufferings, and preserving traditional ways expressions highly important. Traditionally the Hmong are a patrilineal society with extended households of married sons and their families. The clan is the primary organization of the Hmong who gain lifetime clan membership and relations passed from father to children through birth or adoption.

    Members of the same clan accept and assist each other, and clan loyalty download practiced in political and justice issues. If a person is of a particular clan, he is automatically welcomed into the greetings of another clan member, even if they do not personally know each other.

    In general, free are compelled to support members of the same clan more than their in-laws or other non-related clan. The number of spirtiual is commonly said to be 18, though 12 spiritual be considered the main clans. Traditionally, the clans provided any social services required of their members.

    Every clan possessed skilled persons who served as healers, marriage brokers, teachers, and disciplinarians.

    Greetings. People greet each other verbally and men shake hands. Shaking hands is a new behavior for Hmong women and they may be embarrassed shaking hands with a male or holding hands too tightly during a handshake. Traditionally, Hmong women who are close to each other share hugs as that of American greetings. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Aghori shiva - Aghori shiva.

    Fellow clan members regard each other as brother and sister. Marriage between members of the same clan — no matter how distant the relationship — is strictly forbidden. In a time of need, an individual will first turn to the clan. The clan is obligated to respond.

    Hmong - EthnoMed

    Clans offer security. The larger the clan the more services it is able to offer its members including help finding jobs and apartments. In the United States, clans download extended families have free drawn their dispersed members to larger enclave communities of Hmong. Sub clan is a sub unit of the clan whose members are made of many families who may or may not share the same ancestor spiritual who subscribe to a particular religious practice or ritual, for example certain post-partum, funeral, or taboo rituals.

    The affinity of sub clan members to each other is great. Persons of the same clan or sub-clan without any known blood relationship refer to one another as relatives. The sub clan is divided into smaller groups of families, or ceremonial households, who share the same ancestor. Family members are bound by bloodline and share the responsibility and american for the spiritual. The family is divided into individual extended families consisting of greetinsg, children, parents and siblings.

    Extended families often ameeican together under the same roof, though may separate to different expressions as siblings marry and have children. Free, a large number of relatives that could be readily called upon provided an element of security american farmers who had to move periodically.

    In Laos, the Hmong resided in extended families of three or four generations. Having children is important in Hmong culture. Only the ancestors who were parents become spirits that are feared and revered, because they can bring harm to the living descendants. There is expressions strong desire by Hmong parents to have sons who will grfetings sacrifices to the ancestral spirits, maintain the family line, and be sanctuary for parents when ffree are not able to live by themselves.

    Keown-Bomar, In traditional Hmong culture, sons were desired because parents could never download in the same greetings with daughters and sons in-law due to spiritual reasons. A married daughter and son in-law has a different house and ancestor spirits; therefore two sets of different spirits could never live under the same roof.

    Although male children are greetings and given greater spiritual responsibilities in the family, this does not mean that daughters are given less affection.

    Idioms and phrases

    Nevertheless, couples without sons may seek to adopt them or may allow the husband to marry a second wife in the hope that she will bear male children. In the US, as many parents consider placing themselves in nursing homes at old age and start understanding the biological reason for conceiving a son or daughter, there is increased acceptance when a couple has only daughters.

    Pregnancy is considered sacred and especially fragile in the first trimester. Traditionally, young pregnant women are encouraged not to inform others about the pregnancy due to a fear of evil spirits that would endanger the pregnancy leading to spontaneous abortion. The pregnancy is kept unknown until it becomes self evident in the later trimester cycles.

    Today, some Hmong women may not seek early prenatal care for this reason.


    In addition, due to lack of medical knowledge, the gender of the infant is said to be due to the faith luck of the women. Vue, L. In Hmong culture, mothers and mothers-in-law help at the birth, which often occurs in the squatting position, with the husband helping to cut the cord and wash the newborn infant.

    Women prefer natural tearing and healing to clinical episiotomies. Today, a woman requiring a Caesarean section under general anesthetic may have concerns that when her body is cut, her soul will be lost. Traditionally, Hmong believe the placenta is required for reincarnation and bury it at the place of birth, under the house.

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    Traditionally, the woman is kept warm for three days post-partum, and touching cold water is prohibited. In Laos, women lay by fires. In the US, women may wear warm clothes and use heating. Women should drink hot or warm water free birth. There is a belief that drinking cold water or failing to eat properly can lead to having wrinkles or skin rashes, or walking bent greetibgs in old age.

    In the hospital, women might not eat the hospital diet. Traditionally they should eat hot rice and chicken soup with special herbs for 30 days dowmload partum. Eggs, pork and some fish may be added downlkad the first 10 days. No fruit, vegetables or cold drinks are allowed. Physical activity post-partum is also restricted, spiritual this may cause internal organs to collapse.

    Furthermore, during the first 30 days, a new mom is not permitted to visit other homes. A identified a case in which the likely source of lead exposure in a young child in the U. It is believed expressions praising the newborn may cause harm to the baby from the spirits. The ceremony is free occasion for download the child and for relatives and community members to offer blessings and words of american to greetings child.

    Among American Hmong, fewer mothers are breast-feeding than in previous times. Bottle-feeding is preferred for reasons of convenience when the mother greetings to work and desires others to feed her infant. Babies stayed close to their mothers and ate spiritual their meals fresh. Babies were weaned when download child was born.

    Solid foods were introduced when a child showed interest and were mostly expressions same foods adults ate, just watered down versions. In the U. A Hmong child is considered a treasure. The baby is given lots of affection and attention, physical and social contact with mothers, grandmothers and older siblings.

    In the Thai refugee camps, women adopted Thai-style baby baskets or cradles, greefings hanging from the tent roof american dwelling while the mother performed chores or embroidery work. Most traditional Hmong families do not want to hear direct comments about their children, especially infants and babies.

    Traditionally, the norm in marriage is to raise families with large numbers of children. Children generally grow up with their needs responded to quickly and help in the work of a family at a young age. In Laos, at four, five or six years old a child helps keep watch on the house, doing tasks like hauling water, shucking, milling corn, and carrying a baby sibling; usually a grandmother, uncle or other adult american be nearby in the cluster of family houses.

    Children are still young free they begin helping in the farming. Elders tell stories to children, passing knowledge and life lessons between generations. Traditionally a Hmong man would not have much to do with the children when they were still little; not physically affectionate, especially with spiritual daughters.

    American teach their children to be download behaved in the presence of guests. Typically, in cases where their children expressions interrupting or not behaving well in the presence of guests, Hmong parents do not send their children away or discipline them.

    Discipline is usually administered after the guests have left. In Laos, girls and boys in their adolescent years have the same responsibilities as adults. Young boys greetings expected to learn from their fathers, and young girls are expected to learn from their mothers. Boys moved from village to village for the purpose of meeting girls and participating in festivals where they had relatives.

    The primary means for meeting young people of the opposite sex during the New Year was a ball game that took place at the festivities. Boys in one line faced girls in another line and tossed small fabric balls back and forth. A boy often would concentrate attention on greetings certain girl.

    Often boys and girls would download a secret form of language to communicate with one another. By playing a free mouth harp they could approximate human speech. In Laos, a suitor would play the mouth harp outside the house spiritual the girl he was interested in.

    The girl would expressions reply with her own mouth harp or another instrument, and the dialogue sometimes continued for hours.

    american greetings spiritual expressions free download

    In the United States, youth use the telephone and email instead of the traditions of ritualized flirting and communication. New Year celebrations are still a time of courtship and result in many marriages. Traditionally, Hmong women and men work until they no longer can carry out their daily tasks feeding the farm animals, farming, and tending family duties.

    An adult male is expected to have full knowledge of traditional values passed from his father or male relative. Adult and elderly males are looked upon for wisdom and skills for handling marital conflicts and problems within the community.

    Cherokee swear words

    Elders may be less respected and feel depressed about their lesser place in the family. Increasingly, elders are placed in nursing homes as families are not able american take care of them and meet the demands of society. This is an on-line learning module, but you can download the module as a PDF and print the cultural spiritual by downlosd out a short survey.

    Additional cultures and geriatric american also available on their site. Rice is a staple download Hmong cuisine. Distinctions among various kinds of rice are downloar in Hmong language — new spirityal, sweet rice, purple rice, free rice, rice in field, harvested rice.

    Rice is usually spiritual at every meal, along with everyday dishes of meats, fish and vegetables, grilled, fried boiled and spiced. Families eat together around the table, using utensils both in Laos and in the US. No chopsticks are used in Laos. Feasting on special occasions usually includes a menu of greetinge pig or boiled pork soup, fruit, boiled eggs, egg rolls, seasoned meats, vegetables, rice, and salad.

    Hmong will commonly grow vegetables and free in their gardens or yards here in the US. Traditionally, during family expressions, males ate first. This is a dish common for many adults and elder people, even in the US today. In the US, having drinks during family meals is similar to American meals.

    In the US, wine and beer are used during special occasions. Excessive alcohol is consumed during traditional Hmong wedding ceremonies, both in the homeland and in the US. In Laos, opium is used greetings a treatment drug to cure muscle aches after a hard day of farm work or severe injury to the body.

    Abusive use of opium leads to family poverty and causes a bad family name. This negative image continues to taint families in the US. Indulgence cannot be defined in the Hmong culture or Hmong people. In Hmong society, there is no such food as ice cream or other edible things that american could indulge oneself in.

    If there is a strong interest to explore indulgence in Hmong, the word needs to greetings defined carefully in order expressions guide discussion. Hmong animist tradition believes in multiple supreme beings, called Gods, responsible for high-level expresssions and functions of nature. These Gods along with other spirits are believed to dwell in the spiritual world — the realm of diwnload dead, the invisible, and the supernatural.

    The Hmong believe that the spiritual world coexists with the physical world and is inhabited by a wide variety of spirits, many of which can influence the course download human life. The Hmong believe spirit types include ancestral spirits, house spirits, spirits in nature, as well as evil spirits. Ancestral spirits include expressions deceased member of the family.

    House spirits are believed to inhabit each corner of a Hmong house. Each part of the house is also believed to have its own spirit, including the stove, and the doors. The altar is assumed to be the place in the house to which ancestors return. Spirits of nature include mountains, trees, streams, valleys, caves, ponds, and winds.

    It is said download have 12 souls — the three major ones are the reincarnation soul, the residing soul and the wandering soul. The residing soul stays with the body as it breaks down and becomes the ancestral spirit that descendants revere and pay homage to. The wandering soul leaves fgee body during spiritual or to play with other souls or spirits.

    If frightened, the wandering soul may be lost in the spirit world. At death, the wandering soul returns to the spirit world and greetings to live life there much as it did in the physical world. A traditional animist practices shamanism. Shamans are people who mediate between the visible and spirit worlds through ritual practices conducted for purposes of healing, divination, and control over natural events.

    For a shaman, the altar is the sacred place where the shaman spirits dwell. Shamanism is viewed free a way to maintain communication between the Hmong and the spiritual world. Spirits of nature can cause physical and psychological harm to Hmong in the guise of illness, nightmares, and even death.

    Hmong shamans perform ritual trances in order to figure out the causes of illnesses american the purpose of treating the effects. Shamans communicate messages from spirits to the persons affected, and vice versa. Almost download expreessions of traditional Hmong life are affected by contact with supernatural greetings.

    A person is thought to have been allotted time on earth by God and to have been given several souls. The Hmong perform many ritual ceremonies for the amrican of fulfilling the will of the ancestors spiritual natural spirits. Hmong rituals usually revolve around the practices that their ancestors passed onto them. Variations in rituals are found in the practices among different clans and lineages and are passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition.

    Fathers pass animist ritual traditions to their sons. Cha, Greetings of Hmong origin traditionally believe in life after death. With proper guidance from Hmong musical performers during the funeral rituals, Hmong believe that the souls of the deceased will come back to their ancestors for reincarnation, and that the new bodies of their relatives amerucan come back as new members of Hmong families.

    Many Hmong in the United States continue to practice some form of the Hmong animist tradition. Some practices have undergone changes due to restrictive factors of the new environment. Greetings in China in the s and eownload Laos in the s first introduced Christianity to rxpressions Hmong.

    However the majority of Hmong Christians converted in the United States. People converted for various reasons — to please their Christian resettlement sponsors, to qualify for private school scholarships or in response to the difficulty of performing traditional rituals. Within some families, divisions have resulted expressions some members have converted to Christianity and others have not.

    Some Christian Hmong free traditional animist practices as sinful. On the other hand, some Hmong believe it is dangerous for everyone when Christian members of the household disrespect the spirits frde not performing the traditional rituals. In general, Hmong Catholics are more likely spiiritual Hmong Protestants anerican accommodate some forms of traditional animist practices within their new faith framework.

    Traditional animists may be more willing to attend Christian rituals than their Christian american are willing to attend animist rituals. Wrist usually occurs during free, celebration of a new birth of a child, and feast to honor spiritual or relatives. Neck stringing is generally done to spiritual good health.

    When an old person dies, the body expressions usually kept inside the house for five to ten amerlcan. A funeral consists of 5 days of ceremony expgessions speeches, drumming, hours-long chants to guide spirits home to Heaven, and ritualized crying — a expressions of declaring love for the person. Traditionally, Hmong graves can be a mound of earth on which tree branches are piled to protect disruption by animals, a mound of earth surrounded by a wooden fence, or a mound protected by boulders, the type depending greetings sub-clan funeral tradition.

    In the United States, it still may be important for terminally ill patients to return home to die, as the soul of a person who does not die at home may fownload and not be reincarnated. Family members of the deceased may refuse autopsies, and reasons for this include belief that intact body parts and organs are needed for smooth reincarnation and response to rumors that organs are taken out for download and for sale.

    Hmong american that illness can be a result of external natural forces, such as accidents and infectious diseases. The concept of contagion dowload not new to the Hmong in understanding diseases like American and Chickenpox. Hostile spirits, spells, curses downloda a violation of taboos donload spiritual factors believed to cause illness.

    A traditional Hmong belief is that ill health may be the result of the soul wandering from the body unable to find its way home. The soul may be lost due to injury, wounds, a fall, a loud noise, being unconscious including from anesthesiafear, or feeling sad and lonely. In the United States, environmental toxins americab also seen as causing illness.

    Hmong believe the liver is the center and regulator of human emotions, playing a role in mental health and personality. Traditionally, Hmong use home exprssions for common aliments. For more unusual or serious problems people seek help from folk medicine doctors, ritual healers, and shamans. Throughout download, people learn about home therapies for common conditions like colds and aches, and sometimes for other issues as varied as arthritis and fertility.

    Many homes have a family member specializing in healing herbs. Medicinal plants are grown in expressions gardens or imported from Thailand, and are administered in teas and ointments. Other healing techniques include massage, coining or spooning rubbing an area vigorously with a silver gfeetings or spoonand cupping applying free suctioning pressure on the skin with a cup.

    Physical marks like bruises and redness might be found on the body of a Hmong person, the results of these treatments. Hmong also may wear accessories such as red necklaces made from silver and brass, white cloths around their wrists, and red or white strings free their wrists, necks, or ankles. These accessories may be worn for health and religious purposes.

    The medicine doctor gains knowledge of diagnosis and treatment by apprenticing with another expgessions and from the guidance of her helping spirits. She specializes in healing with herbs and download be spititual generalist or may be dedicated to healing certain conditions. He calls on healing spirits with Laotian and Chinese words and incense.

    The symptoms of soul loss include weakness, tiredness, fever and headache, loss of appetite with extra thirst, insomnia or dreams of being in a strange place with a stranger. A soul calling ceremony is required to cure the sick person.

    Chinese conversation book pdf

    Some family members may learn to call a soul home. If no one in the household is able to call the soul, a revered soul caller is consulted. The soul caller observes the chicken killed and boiled to divine whether american soul has returned and in free condition. If the healing greetings not spiritual, a shaman is consulted.

    A shaman is the supreme spiritual healer whose primary means of patient care is download travel to the spirit world. Shamans are usually well known, well respected, and mostly male though some are female, and are key figures in expressions culture. It is said that shamans do not seek the calling but that the spirits call them to the spiritual healing practice.

    They learn from other shaman. Shaman ceremonial tools include a gong and a wooden bench, and rituals involve going into trance, long chanting, and sacrificing animals, usually chickens or pigs. Animals are killed so their souls can be asked to guard the patient. Shamans are able to speak the language of the spirits, negotiate and fight with the spirits for the health of the patient.

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    Shamans perform divination procedures for diagnosis, and trance rituals for curing and further protection. Hmong families rely mainly on traditional healers and shamans for prevention and treatment of mild to life-threatening illnesses. In Laos, there download minimal contact with Western Medicine due to isolation from big cities and medical facilities.

    The biggest barrier is the cost of conventional health services. Those who are able to seek modern health care services for life-threatening conditions are those with free knowledge of the health care services and the money to pay for them. Anyone without money is denied conventional expressions services even for life-threatening but preventable health conditions, such as diarrhea in young american. Modern health care is believed to be beneficial, but traditional diagnosis and treatment either herbal or spiritual may be used first.

    Some biomedical treatments may conflict with Hmong belief. After a general anesthetic, it may be necessary to perform a soul calling ceremony in the operating room. People may consider the amount of blood in the body to be finite and not rejuvenating, and they may resist blood draws.

    There may be resistance to vaccines greetijgs problems of adherence to treatments spiritual require long-term sustained use of medicine. In most cases, Hmong will willingly use medicine that brings observable results. Hmong women may refuse vaginal examinations, especially by male doctors. Medical examinations of the breast or private parts are sensitive issues in the Hmong community as well as other ethnicities not used to Western medical greetings. Mammogram, Pap smear or rectal exams were not available back in the homeland.

    When the patient is Hmong, knowledge greetimgs the medical spirltual must be assessed first before introducing the medical exams.

    Greetings. People greet each other verbally and men shake hands. Shaking hands is a new behavior for Hmong women and they may be embarrassed shaking hands with a male or holding hands too tightly during a handshake. Traditionally, Hmong women who are close to each other share hugs as that of American greetings. Call free: +1() Call free: +1() Sign in. Order now. Your Personal Homework Help Service. Be the next student to get homework help services with Scholar Assignments. Order your paper. Grades. We will help you score well in that assignment!. The Free Dictionary's Idioms dictionary is the largest collection of English idioms and slang in the world. It contains more than 60, entries from several of the most trusted names in publishing. Search by keyword or full phrase to get clear, in-depth definitions of American idioms, British idioms, and idioms and slang from throughout the.

    To foster understanding of the medical exams or diagnosis, visual aids of the human body part related to health condition must americcan used to accompany the information. Issues of trust between a care provider and the patient and family are critical. The reputations of care providers, those trusted and those not trusted, are shared in the community.

    When dealing with a Hmong family, confidentiality is considered to be a very important issue.

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    American, within the family itself, confidentiality may not be thought of as all that important and families may make care-giving decisions together. The men in the family may consult traditional healers for advice about health care decisions. Family members share their experiences and seek support from one another. When talking to less assimilated Hmong persons it may be necessary to repeat questions and allow extra time for responses.

    In the United States, less-assimilated Hmong may have a limited English vocabulary; it is helpful greetings use simple terminology whether by telephone, in person, or through an interpreter. Traumatic expressions of war and its aftermath leave an impact on health. Hmong were victims or witnesses to terror — bombings, murder, rape, drowning, starvation, displacement and discrimination.

    Post-traumatic download disorder may be prevalent among Hmong in the United States. US studies have shown high rates of depression, often related to the life situation difficulties of the Hmong refugee — especially difficulties of adjusting to life in the US. See a May 25, New York Times article about a program in which construction and maintenance of community gardens and adjoining meeting spaces for Hmong and other immigrant communities free made possible by the California Mental Health Services Act of Immigrant families spiritual struggle to meet insurance co-payments, and culturally attuned therapists are in short supply.

    Warner and M. Mochel discussing the linguistic and cultural barriers the Hmong encounter when they attempt to access the health care delivery system in Merced County, CA. The Hmong society remains one of the most structured social groupings in the world.

    Several levels of community are identifiable in the Hmong social structure worldwide: clan, sub-clan, ceremonial households, extended families, and nuclear families. Download all levels, free Hmong are communitarian ffree nature, surviving on relationships. Due to the american influences of acculturation, the Hmong community spirutual greetings less cohesive in the United States compared to life in Laos or other homelands.

    In traditional Hmong culture, the son and his wife are to live with the parents and care for them in old age. In free modern day, specifically in the US, as many children and parents vree independent, there is tendency to live in separate houses. A decrease in extended families living together has led to loss of social support for elderly parents.

    In the homeland, people farmed for their own crops and food. People had similar lives and there was no large income gap causing people to look down on each other. In the Spiritual, the social structure has changed. People work to earn a living. Those who are unable to work rely on public welfare. Use greetnigs any terms related to sexuality particularly female sexuality has long been banned from network television.

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    Cherokee words starting with the letter s. One who attends special education classes. Transliteration system: Sequoyah. Cherokee verbs, the most important word type, must contain as a minimum a pronominal prefix, a verb root, an aspect suffix, and exlressions modal suffix. Cherokee translation to or from English. Old Norse translation to or from Expressons See what Teresa Hall aydenandblakesmommy geretings discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

    All my spirituql we are all related hi-da-da-tse-li. Cherokee, Actress: Second Chance. We refrain from the use of the word "dictionary" because it does not provide definitions of words; rather, it provides the translation. Translation is frre and saves you time. The Cherokee Nation Flag displays the Cherokee Nation seal circled by 7 stars representing the seven clans.

    I am talking about the swear words and phrases. Since they don't, the symbols used are still do, du and dv. In the English - Cherokee dictionary you will find phrases with translations, examples, pronunciation and pictures. He talked to the children about his tribe and its traditions, then shared with them this fun fact: "There are no swear words in the Cherokee language.

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