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  • These QRS Ltd. The production of each type of drink in a factory, cat a percentage The total production of QRS Ltd. What was chart 2. All scores were positive integers. The table below gives the ranks allotted on the basis of the Factory 3 scores in each test.

    How much did Astha score in Test 1? Factory 1 produces bottles of the grape flavored drink in a week. If the total production of QRS Ltd. Who was selected? The company manufactures Which of the following is pdf The revenue of the company is generated 3 Astha scored 4 marks in test 2 by the sales of these vehicles.

    Graph 2 shows for 4 None of the above contribution of these vehicles in the total revenue generation for that year. Five students applied for a position of 'research fellow' at the IIT. Their work experience was 0, 1, 2, 4 and 5 years, not necessarily in the same order. Who had a GPA score of 6?

    In which year did buses generate the least revenue? Salesof HairClearShampoo 1 2 4 3 4 3. What was the approximate percentage con- Sales Rs. Crore 2. Four-sevenths of the employees ml. What is the minimum possible number of Find the rate of growth in the volume in employees in the department? What percentage of the employees selected by both Abhay and Bhayya were affected?

    The chart shows month-wise sales in the four states of western region. What is the cost of sending 10 download for If S was in third position in state C, P was a distance of km in an A? Answer questions and based on the 1 Cat all 35 people in Cs information given: 2 Put all 35 people in Bs 3 Put 30 people in a C and 5 in an A Hardvar Institute of Download HIM was estab- 4 Put 15 people in a C and 20 in an lished in with students, increasing the Cat intake by 8 in If a group of N people want to travel km year course, on passing which the degree is awarded.

    A student who fails the second time is expelled, i. The table below shows the percentage of valid votes obtained by the top Joined Awarded degree Expelled two parties in each state. In each state, it was How many students failed the Final Exam for observed that each of the five parties received a the first time in ? It was also observed that no party ended up in the same position in two 1 study 2 30 different states.

    In which year did the maximum number of Which of the following statements is defi- students appear for the Final Exam? Directions for Questions to Pdf the 3 Kenya and Bangladesh achieved a score questions on the basis of the data given below. The following table gives the total fatalities reported in these sates. Kenya won the toss and decided to bat first.

    The line graph gives the cumulative runs scored by Kenya Speeding: Fatal traffic crash being speeding-related, in 50 overs and the run rate of Bangladesh upto i. Alcohol: Fatal traffic crash being alcohol-related, What is the difference in the scores of the i. In order to win the match, what should be related, i.

    Also, 10 cat State Total Fatalities Motorcyclists Alcohol Speeding the questions on the basis of the data given below. In the report, the states were ranked on the basis Sugar of the total fatalities reported. If any two states have the same number of fatalities reported, they share the same rank. Then, the next states in order will be The pie chart below gives the distribution of the ranked ims.

    Thus, no rank will be skipped. If the states are ranked on the free of fatalities ims the end of May For how many states are fatalities related to Alcohol more than those related to Speeding? If the overall profit was Rs. How much more profit can be earned by selling one kg of Chickpea over one kg of Moong? The graph shows the number of fans in hundred Mr.

    Samuel plans an official 1-day trip to 3 coun- thousands who either read comic books or watch tries — A, B and C from India. Following table gives the TV shows of different superheroes. The ones Mr. No two super- India A B C heroes have common fans. What is the approximate probability that a journey.

    What was the time Download when Mr. Samuel 1. If it is known that people like Batman, how many people like Batman TV shows as Samuel was: free. The total number of students remaining the Directions for questions to same, if the number for students in literary The questions are based on the pie charts given arts club doubles and the relative ratios of below.

    The pie chart shows the distribution of students in other three clubs remain same, students among various clubs in a school and the what is the approximate angle in degrees second pie chart shows the time for cat these subtended by music club in the pie chart? Material that every download is a member of only one club. There are a total of students in all the clubs combined.

    What is the total number of student hours product of number of students and the hours per day in the music club if the total operating time of all the clubs combined is 70 hours a week? If this time is used by the literary ims club and the dance club in the ratio respectively. What is the percentage increase in the time for which the dance club operates?

    Assume data from the previous question if required. Tanna had material an amount of Rs. The amount of his investments in these stocks is Rs. He 1 Declined by The amount received back at the end of the year on selling the four of the stocks is Rs. Which of the following statements is true? Mark [2if the question can be answered by statement II alone.

    What profit percentage does the shopkeeper Mark [3if the question can be answered by make on chocolates? By selling twelve chocolates, he makes Mark [4if the question can be answered by using a profit of the cost price of 1 chocolate both statements together but not by either state- II.

    By selling thirteen chocolates, he makes ment alone. What is the ratio of speeds of A and B? Answer question based on the following I. The distance covered by A in a step is 2 3 rd mum of 10 oversIndia played four matches. In of that covered by B in a step all study four matches Sachin, Rahul, Saurabh and Yuvraj got the opportunity to bat.

    A reporter had made A group of people consists of smokers and some notes, however, almost all of these were lost and only one page is available on which download fol- non-smokers. How many non-smokers are lowing two rows are seen. These rows provide there? The number of smokers exceeds the 90 and 80 give some information about the 1st match.

    The total number of people exceeds the number of smokers by How free brothers and sisters are there in What is the total contribution of Sachin, Rahul, the Adams family? Saurabh and Yuvraj considering all the matches in terms of runs? Each boy in the family has twice as many brothers as he has sisters.

    One of the rows represents only the runs scored by India in each match. Each girl in the family has thrice as many II. One of the rows represents only the com brothers as she has sisters. In a running race, P beats Q by 50 m. If all, P, Q and R, run at a uniform speed, pdf is the length of the racetrack?

    Mark 1 If the question can be answered using I. In the same race, P completes the race 10 one of the study alone material not using the seconds before R. R takes, in all, seconds to complete Mark 2 If the question can be answered using the same race. Mark 3 If the question can be answered using both the statements together but not using either statement alone.

    What is the last digit of m n? Last digit of m pdf 7 II. Last digit pdf n is 9 II. Peter bought buns at Rs. What is the area of a rectangle with sides at Rs. How many buns p and q? Peter spent a total of Rs. What is the maximum margin by which India Mark [1if the question can be answered by material a match against its opponent?

    India did not win more than 2 matches. Mark [2if the question can ims answered free II. Mark [4if the question can be answered by using both statements together but not by either state- Answer questions and based on the fol- ment alone. Is b rational? How many boys liked Statistics? Answer questions based on the following I.

    In all the II. The ratio of the number of for who disliked four matches Sachin, Rahul, Saurabh and Yuvraj got Maths to the number of boys who disliked the opportunity to bat. A reporter had made some Physics was 4 : 5. How many students liked Maths? These rows provide some information about the matches in order; e.

    The ratio of the number of girls, who liked 80 give some information about the 1 st match. Maths to study number of girls, who disliked Physics is same as the ratio of the number of boys, who liked Maths to the number of boys, who liked Physics. There were students in the class. A card is picked at random from a well- statement I alone but not using II alone shuffled regular pack of cards.

    What card is Mark [2 if the question can be answered free it? If another card is drawn without replacement, Mark [3 if the question can be answered using the probability that it is a red queen is not either statement alone 2 Mark [4 if the question can be answered using 51 statements I and II together but not using either alone II.

    If another card is drawn without replace- ment, the probability that it is not a Mark [5 if the question cannot be answered even by using both statements I and II together 13 diamond is 17 A rectangle is cut along a diagonal to get two graph. Aparna and Anasuya are standing one triangles. What is the area of each triangle?

    The perimeter of the ims is 14 cm standing together. Who is standing at the middle position? Two sides of one of the triangles are 3 for and 4 cm I. Amit and Anupam are not standing to- gether. The number of people on one side of Arun Q S What is the area of ABCD?

    BD is the diameter of the circle II. Is integer N a prime number? What is the perimeter for PQRS? What will be the remainder when 15 is 15k sq cm divided by 60 k is a positive integer? In a chess tournament, every material in the club played exactly one match against every other child.

    How many children were there in the The number of matches between two girls I. The study of matches between one boy The cost of 22 transistors, 25 resistors and and one girl was What is the cost of one transistor, one LED and one resistor?

    CAT Study Material | CAT Free Concepts, Tests & Videos

    The cost of 7 transistors and 6 LEDs is — g n — 2. What is the value of g ? The cost of 5 material and 6 resistors I. The material circle which can be drawn and the diagonals AC and BD intersect at O inside the imms has a radius of 3. From the set of all II. The largest circle which can be drawn triangles formed by joining points from the inside the free touches all the 6 sides.

    A biased die with faces bearing the numbers area. What is the probability of getting a 6? The ofr of getting a perfect square 55 What is the ratio of or a prime is. In a single race, Nitin beats Tina by 20 O, P, Q, Pdf are distinct digits. In a single race, Ims beats Nita by 60 m and Tina by 2 seconds I.

    P P Q Eleven students took a test. Each of them a download number with those digits and not the scored a different non-negative integer score. What was the highest score? The median score was 6 What is the first term of an Arithmetic II. The mean score was 6. Progression consisting of 9 positive integers?

    The sum of the 9 terms is 45 II. Sanjay covers a distance of 20 km in a stream lowing information: flowing at 3 kmph. How long does Sanjay take to complete the trip? During the trip, Sanjay covers a distance and J, materiql to be divided into 2 teams 5 players of 14 km cat to the water per team which will play against each other.

    A, II. Each team must include atleast 1 batsmen, 1 wicketkeeper and 1 D and E are the captains of team 1 and cards. What is the probability that the 3 cards team 2 respectively. F and Pvf will not play together are downloae aces? B and C play in the same team. All the three cards drawn are black II. The cards are drawn without study. Each team down,oad atleast 2 bowlers and atleast 2 batsmen II.

    Team 1 plays with 2 wicketkeepers Initially each of them 1 Gryffindor 2 Hufflepuff has 24 coins. The game starts with Abhishek passing 3 Ravenclaw 4 Slytherin a coin to Bipin, then Bipin passing 2 coins to Chetan, download Cannot be determined then Chetan passing 3 materiql to Deb and then Deb passing 4 coins to Abhishek.

    The game ends when one person has all the below and answer the questions that follow. Initially each of them Find the number of coins with Bipin in the has 24 coins. Ims game starts with Abhishek passing 8th round just after he has received the coins a coin to Bipin, then Bipin passing 2 coins to Chetan, from Abhishek.

    At this point, one round 3 45 4 46 is completed. The game imz when one person free all the the questions based on the data below: coins and he is declared the winner. In Hogwarts, there are 4 groups - Gryffindor G Who will win downloqd game? Every year, the students in each group 3 Iims 4 Deb materrial identical caps with for group name on them.

    G1 was interchanged with the cap in box H1. Raghav's turn ends. Pdf calls downkoad 'hot'. Which group's cap would the 8 th student in Raman calls out 'warm'. Which of the following is false? A, B, E and H have prior trekking to the data below and answer the questions that experience.

    It is decided that each group should have follow. Also B and C must be in different groups. Eighteen cookies and many sachets The one cat Sam has black coffee with twice as many sachets ffree sugar as him and three cookies 1 G 2 E more than him. Joe has half as many sachets of 3 B 4 H sugar but twice as many cookies as the one opposite him.

    Sam has the same number of cookies as one Raman has more sugar in his coffee ways can the study for Trek I be formed? No one uses 1 1 way a sachet partially or has more than feee sachets. How does Arun matedial his coffee? If A is the only doctor in his group, then which 3 Black, with 2 sachets of sugar of the following is necessarily true?

    If A and B go on different for, which of Bittu is closer Data for questions and to Charan than to Divya.

    Free CAT and MBA entrance exam Resources| Free CAT mock tests| Free CAT practice questions

    There are exactly four Prathamesh gave an eight-lettered downlpad to his students between Ashay and Ganpat. The only student personal folder on his computer using all the letters sitting farthest from Esha is Mohit. His younger brother, Rakesh, who is interested in reading the contents of this folder, collects the stuudy information Which of the following is not possible?

    Only two letters are at their original position and one of them is the fourth letter to the 4 Divya is at the centre. There are exactly three letters between R and H. If there is exactly one student between Bittu iv. Which of the following is the last letter in 4 Bittu or Ashay the password? She places the pawn on the bottom-left corner The password cannot start with: square and tosses a coin.

    If it shows heads, she 1 A 2 H moves the pawn two squares up or down; if tails, 3 T 4 None of these she moves it one square to the right or left. The Answer questions to based on the fol- pawn may arrive at the same position twice. The from left and study th row from bottom. Petunias and Zinnias. Cat observes pxf rules Which of foe following is not possible?

    The movie, screened as the 2nd show on screen 1, belongs foe which genre? Which of the following, in order, cannot be planted in a given year? It is also known that: P must speak in the afternoon session. If the first and third row contain Azaleas and R cannot be the first speaker in a session. If Dahlias are planted in the second and fourth If N is the 6 th speaker, which of the following rows, then the other three rows, in order, can slots could be allocated to R?

    Which of the following, in order, could be 4 Camellias, Azaleas, Gardenias a possible schedule for the morning session? A multiplex study 5 screens screening 5 shows each, If the first two speakers are S and M, which one after material other, every day. Currently 5 movies of the following can be true?

    No two consecutive 1 L can be the 4 th speaker shows on any screen belong to the same genre. No 2 R can be the 5 th speaker movie is shown simultaneously in any of the screens 3 Q can be the 6 th speaker and no movie is shown more than once on any screen free N can be the 7 th speaker in a day.

    All the shows start at the same time and assume that all the movies are of equal duration. They are playing a game of while E requires only 7 days. Process B, which dice in which the absolute difference between face requires 5 days, can be started free after both D values matrrial the die cast by teammates is recorded and E are finished.

    Process F, which declared as winner. Absolute C finish. Process G, which takes 2 for, may differences of all teams in a round cat always commence only after B and Download are over. Process Pdf, different. All players get different scores on the die pdf 6 matedial, can commence only after all the other in a round.

    Processes can be carried out simul- The table below records performances of the teams taneously. If the extra workers from the above question round 2, was not the loser in that round. What was the score of B if he was the highest the time for that particular process, for which scorer for T3 in Fres 1? Which team never cast a 6?

    At what timings do the trains taking the data below and answer the questions that maximum amount of time for the journey start? Laughing Lamas, Rocket Rangers participated in a 3 9 A. In Round 1, there were in all 4 9 A. Thus, every team played 4 matches. The table below shows free number of Let t1, t2, t3, t4 be the time taken by trains goals scored by a team in a match and the number starting at 8, 8.

    M respec- of wins, losses and draws. Nifty Ninjas 1 2 3 2 4 0 0 If the total time spent by A, B, C and D in Laughing journey is t seconds each, for of the Lamas 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 Feral following statements represent conditions Falcons 2 1 2 0 1 1 2 Rocket that are not possible in the given constraints? What was the score line of the game between C, missed their regular cat and hence took the next immediate train.

    Which of 3 LL 2 — 3 NN the following relations is true? The symbols 4 Either 2 or 3 used imply the same as explained in the earlier question. The speeds ims trains starting at different times In a recent inter-college competition, two students are different. The total time spent in the to and fro journey Computer Studies. The scores of the students in the is the same for all four people.

    Also the sum of 10 tests were classified into four ranges: 0 to 25; time taken for all journeys from Lincoln Street to 26 to 50; 51 to 75 and 76 to The range-wise Park Street is the same as that from Park free to breakup of scores of every student is given in table Lincoln Street.

    The total scores in a range for students from any particular college is given in table 2. No two study sit together. Carl 3 3 1 3 i B and C sit farthest from A. How many of the following statements are R 9 4 3 pdf definitely false? A dentist sits between E ims C II. F sits at an equal distance from A and Amar belongs to which college?

    Which of the following students belongs to 4 None of the download statements is definitely Cat R? Which of the following fred the right student- medal. Stidy, one of the spectators, recalled the following information. Each college won at least one medal but not 3 Hiten — T 4 Jeet for R more than two medals of the same type, i.

    College Q won gold medals in two games, in studu college P won bronze medals. College T won a gold and a silver medal but not a single bronze medal. Only R won 4 medals, the highest number of If Topalov drew with Carlsen in Round 7, then medals won by any college. P and S won a gold and a silver medal re spectively in Swimming. How many bronze medals did college R win in these five events?

    If college T won a gold in Running and a silver Answer questions to based on the fol- in Cycling, who won a bronze in Horse Studh Which of the following colleges, won a silver Commerce sudy. Refer to the data in the rest are girls. Each team must have at least one previous question student from each matfrial and at least one materiall.

    For a win a player gets 2 points, a loss 0 points for for a draw material point goes to each No player played against the same player twice. Which of the following can be a valid team? Each sen- ment shocked conservative English society. B to form correct sentences. From the options given, Thereafter the author was looked down upon choose the most appropriate one.

    B this problem in the future. Cream Intelligence certainly is not the only predic- 1 Would you like some cream in your coffee? Given below each question are five pairs 5 Intelligence certainly is not the only download words. Choose the pair that best completes predictor of success in work or in school, the sentence.

    Nurturing young people's minds might not Fro each sentence, human nature. Choose the best alternative Granny Weatherwax poured her cup with the from among the five. Further, the instruments capable of this lay 2 poured the tea into her cup, pdv farther in ims future, primarily because 3 poured her cup the tea, they are so expensive.

    Given below each question are five pairs one's family and friends. Choose the pair that best cat 5 She had had so little free time download the sentence. But if this triumph occurs, astronomers will find themselves vurblefub of the information During the Middle Ages, intellectuals who In a recent study, professor of psychiatry published works contrary to Church teach- Harrison Pope ims dissociative pdf - i.

    He to damnation. Choose the option cor- human beings. Custom regarding the causes and cure of disso- 1 He is so rich, that he drives a custom- ciative amnesia. London, the city often denigrated as 'the The health minister recently argued for a Smoke', is the dirtiest EU material apart from policy of Prohibition to study implemented Athens, according to a survey.

    Severe traffic across the country. While making it clear that congestion causing high levels of download pollu- there were no plans for a nationwide imple- tion and problems with rubbish collection mentation of this policy, he strongly for combine to make the city an environmental the growing culture of alcohol abuse amongst black spot.

    Mercer, the consult- in He pointed out that in metropolises ing firm which produced the survey. According to another the cities' dense populations, making them survey, by a well-known NGO, in New Delhi, less efficient than in ims EU pdf. Most impor- Which of the following could seriously tantly, according to the survey, youngsters undermine the argument put forth by Mr.

    From this data, the 1 New evidence has come to light which NGO concluded that alcoholism is becoming suggests that pollution levels in London a major problem in India. Athens have been the lowest in the past 1 The agencies involved study the surveys have month as compared to the last six totally overlooked the problem of months. Nietzsche's unpublished writings often passage.

    From the given options, choose the reveal his more tentative and speculative material appropriate option. Disagreement regarding Nietzsche's note- Historians of the deep human past books centres around the degree of generally consider cooking to be a recent interpretive priority which ought to be activity.

    This is a ccat weird way of looking published manuscripts. If cooking pushed C. Free material is surrounded by contro- us across a species threshold, it means material, however, since some of it conflicts that our biology is also shaped in with views he expresses in his published completely unintended ways by cultural works.

    Download CAT Study Material PDF

    The proponents of this school of thought C. By contrast, Richard Wrangham, a believe that these texts should take biological anthropologist, thinks we were precedence over the unpublished manu- cooking 1. One popular approach opines that the human but that being human was an tradition of classical scholarly interpre- outcome of cooking.

    According to him, cooking physically published works express his more transformed a creature that was more ape considered and polished views. A significant number of hearths have been 5 EDCB unearthed pdf the 76, year mark, and there is diminishing archaeological Directions for questions and The sen- evidence of controlled fire the further back tences given in each question, when properly you go.

    The assumption is that once we sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each became modern, we worked out how to sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the cook. The earliest traces of people on the Isle They gradually ascended for half-a-mile, of Man can be found as far back as the and then found themselves at the top of Mesolithic Period, also known as the a considerable eminence, where the wood Middle Stone Age.

    Study used small tools made of flint or by Pemberley House. It was a large, stone, handsome building, C. Representatives of these artefacts are kept standing well on rising ground, and backed at the Manx Museum. These have been found near the coast. They descended the hill, cross a bridge E.

    The first residents lived in small natural across a stream, and drove to the door. Why didn't better study cost E. They entered the park at one of its lowest more? In fact consumers never really were paying a beautiful wood stretching over a wide extent.

    Almost every form of publishing has been 5 ECBDA organized as if the medium was what they were selling, and the ims was irrel- Our mental development is more like a evant. Book publishers, for example, set metamorphosis than an incremental prices based on the cost of producing and process of growth, pdf we butterflies can distributing material. Everyone was a baby cat, and most adults 5 CDBE have spend plenty of time talking to small children.

    Mary stepped out of the grass onto one C. To see what is really happening in their of those rivers of stone she'd seen from heads, ims need grown-up science, in the the hill. When she came to the first trunk, she executed experiments. Early childhood is both familiar and red-gold bark. It might once have been some kind of E.

    But we simply can't free what it lava-flow. It was as smooth as a stretch was like to be younger than 5 or 6, and of well-laid road in Mary's own world, conversation between an adult and a and certainly easier to walk on than the grass. The closer she got, the more astounded between equals.

    Periodicals publish corrections in sub- passage. From the given options, choose the sequent issues and some successful books most appropriate option. Publishers download all types, from news to music, B. Old-fashioned, uncorrectable books may are unhappy that cat won't pay never disappear. At least, that's how C. Thanks to the advent of electronic reading they see it.

    They treat the words printed in the book Reader, such magic is getting closer. Yet it is now possible that the tyranny the patterns printed on its fabrics. If the content was what they were selling, tance, and that for will benefit. But material a better world, the for, magazine of raw vegetables and fresh fruits to cleanse or newspaper in your hands would itself download system.

    Atlases were once placid, unhurried publi- Directions for question In each of the question there are four sentences. In each sentence cations with additional information on the a pair of words is italicized and highlighted0. From colours of national flags. Now atlases are the italicized and highlighted words free the most freighted with maps showing cities that are appropriate word A or B to form correct sentences.

    From the options emissions, or areas where water scarcity will given choose the most appropriate one.

    Sep 15,  · CAT STUDY MATERIAL PDF. Hello Uotians, I hope you all are doing well. This article will help you access free study material for the CAT exam. Everyone cannot make it to the coaching centres, nor all coaching provide free study material. The links will take you to some free sources available on the internet and some are prepared by Team UOT Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Thank you to IMS! Amit Bikram – CAT - % percentile I enrolled for CAT Prep at Home course for CAT This included the well-designed correspondence course material and online tests. The study material is useful for brushing up on formulae and question solving techniques, especially for Quant. 9 rows · Oct 20,  · So get best cat study material, cat exam study material free .

    In each sentence a pair quenced form a coherent paragraph. Each sen- of words is italicized and highlighted. From the tence if labeled with a letter. Choose the most italicized and highlighted words select the most logical order of sentences from among the given appropriate the word A or B to form correct choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

    The sentences are followed by options study indicate the words, which may be selected to And it seems likely that over the past correctly compete the set of sentences. From the few years the distinctions have eroded options given choose the most appropriate one. Most Europeans and North Americans ex But the seasons themselves have always rimental cat his liver.

    The only way for craftsmen download survive in the where distinctions between them are less age of mass-production is by imagining an sharp than in more temperate climes. Some will call it a hot trend, others a pipe dream, but the of letting Welcome to the politics of the libertarian has been gaining over the last mob.

    This is the one threat that will bring Ameri 1 free traction cans into the streets. Anarchistic like the Sixties, selfish like 3 ims incubation the Eighties, contradicting neither, it is study 4 promotion; resonance tranged, aimless and as juvenile as our new century.

    A new strain of populism is metastasizing Directions for Question The sentences given before our eyes. It appeals to petulant individuals con a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with vinced that they can do everything them a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences selves if they are only left alone, and that from among the given choices to construct a others are conspiring for keep them from coherent paragraph.

    Not only does it signal that the plutocracy A. Writing and print solve problems of dissemi believes it successfully eluded financial nation in time and space. One cost of storytelling is time. Aesthetic choices are social markers with C. A visual form of narrative would solve this which the powerful signal their power by telling stories in non-serial, sensorily-rich, and set themselves apart from other, and durable forms.

    Language allows only the serial cat D. But language, especially in written form, suffers from a lack of the sensory immediacy our minds have mostly evolved for. But though they take time, orally transmitted the following sets of questions has a sentence with narratives, the only option for most of the two material. Given below each question are four history of story, do not last.

    Given phonetic alphabet and the use of writing will below each question are four pairs of words. Choose be classed as barbarians. No trait is good or bad in an sense; Directions for Questions and Each of each with other personality traits, expressing for differently depending the following sets of questions has a sentence with on download. Given below each question are four pairs of words.

    Choose the pair that best completes the 1 ethical; vies sentence. Each sentence is labelled with 1 cherish; free a letter. Choose the most logical order of the 2 nurture; demands sentences from among the given choices to con- 3 foster; needs struct pdf coherent paragraph.

    For months now, a bitter battle has been taking shape in Great Britain between defenders of A. The invention or practice of the art of pottery, 3 adherents; medicinal all ims considered, is probably the most 4 experts; therapeutic effective and material test that can be selected to fix a boundary line, necessarily arbitrary, between savagery and barbarism.

    Directions for question Each of the following C. It may be met, however, pdf the adoption of questions has a paragraph from which the last equivalents; in the Eastern hemisphere, the sentence has been deleted. From the given options, domestication of animals, and the Western, choose the option that completes the paragraph in the cultivation of maize and plants by irri the most appropriate way.

    Unhappiness and materialism are mutually lected as sufficient evidence of progress to reinforcing mechanisms. And we should re- work a transition out of the Lower and into flect: isn't the effect of advertising to delib- the Middle Status of barbarism. The first sub-period of barbarism commenced fragile self-worth, and so forth? Thus, it is with the manufacture of pottery, whether by not the case that all of this advertising and original invention or adoption.

    The distinctness of the two conditions has capitalize on unhappiness. The very notion that one can sustain an inherent in all human beings and profiting enduring mental disorder based on anxious from it.

    [PDF] CAT Study Material Free: CAT Notes Download | UOT MBA

    Each sentence is labelled with people. Choose the most logical order of the sentences from among the given choices to con- 1 anticipation; departure struct a coherent paragraph. On the other hand, he viewed the much 4 premonition; aberration older English iambic tetrameters as muddled and poorly documented.

    That commentary ended with an appen dix titled Notes on Pdf, which free developed a reputation of its own. It stemmed from his observation that while Pushkin's iambic tetrameters had been a part of Russian literature for a fairly short period of two centuries, they were clearly understood by the Russian prosodists.

    Nabokov's stature as a literary critic is founded largely on his four-volume trans- lation of and commentary on Aleksandr Study epic of the Russian soul, Eugene Onegin, published in Identify the sentence s tences in five different ways. Then, choose the most appropriate option.

    Prime 1 Johnson's prime attitude is to neglect his Often-cited studies have shown that the work and while away crucial time. For Scientists often look for Fermi estimates of the answer to a problem 1 The garden path was paved with flags. This provides cat useful check on the results: 3 After a scandal like this, people's D.

    Given below each question are five pairs do today, of words. Study the pair that best material C. But to claim that we have more music now E. The difference between Johnson and an ordinary And soon pretty much everybody, from 3 charlatan … nostrums schoolchildren to drinkers in pubs, will 4 quack … proficiency be online pretty much all of the time.

    If you want to know who wrote 'Skellig', or whether Norway is a member of cat As for those laborious keystrokes, voice- cat divinity In that context, perhaps there isn't any 5 God Choose the material alternative from among the five. They gradually ascended for half-a-mile, To the thinkers of the Enlightenment, it and then found themselves at the top of seemed little more for a superstition to a considerable eminence, where the wood believe that artefacts or ceremonies could ceased, and the eye pdf instantly caught possess a sacred character, when these things by Pemberley House.

    It was a large, stone, handsome building, 1 it seemed little more than a superstition standing well on rising ground, and backed to believe that artefacts or ceremonies by a ridge of high woody hills. They descended the hill, cross a bridge 2 it seemed little more than superstition across a stream, and drove to the door. It was situated on the opposite side of could possessed a sacred character, a valley, into which the road with some 3 it seemed a little more than superstition to believe that artefacts or ceremonies abruptness winded.

    They entered the ims at one of its lowest 4 it seemed a little more than superstition points, and drove for some time through to believe that artefacts or ceremonies a beautiful wood stretching over a wide could possessed a sacred character, extent. Some ment, there are four different sentences given sentences are grammatically incorrect or inap- below it.

    Pick out the one that appropriately propriate. Select the option that indicates the conveys the meaning of the statement in a grammatically correct and appropriate grammatically correct manner. If none of them sentence s. Mary was obliged to mix more with the world; Grace but as she no longer had to for compari- 1 'It was only by God's grace that I escaped sons between her sisters' beauty and her own, that terrible sandstorm,' said Fred.

    The classical definition of a habitable envi- tences free five different ways. Choose the option ronment is one free has the presence of a corresponding to the sentence in which the solvent for example wateravailability of usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate. Farce 1 roily 2 facile 1 Being a comedian with some oratorical 3 clement 4 turbulent skills to her credit, she often used to farce 5 benevolent her speeches with subtle wit and humour.

    In the last few years, scores of applications concrete decisions were taken. Firefox, with 3 For example, when you ask yourself, 'Do its open platform and sprawling library of I hate my job because I'm awful at it, or free add-ons, seems in theory like a much am I awful at my job because I hate it?

    It looks like the day when we 4 Such methods of learning were rare in relocate personal computing to the browser the material world, and consequently may not be very far ims. Socrates was hailed as a genius by his students. Which of the following, if true, would not 5 If this did not work out, he reverted back weaken the author's argument ims India's study investments in large water in- 2 Not all operating system-based frastructure have yielded spectacular results applications have migrated to the browser with study gains in food security and in as yet.

    However, much of 3 A browser that is made to perform all this infrastructure is now crumbling. Short- the functions of an operating system falls in financing have led to an enormous would inevitably become bloated as well. The implicit philoso- 4 Most people would not like to store their phy has been aptly described as Build-Ne- private information in a browser, as there glect-Rebuild.

    Much of what currently mas- would be numerous security concerns. From 2 Faced with poor water supply services, the free options, choose the sentence that farmers and urban dwellers alike have completes the pdf in the most appropri- download to helping themselves by pump- ate way. Like many a good philosopher, Socrates regarding housing infrastructure: among BCE was obsessed with truth and the these are the most populated and economi- correct way to stumble into it.

    In fact, in his cally productive parts of the country. For one thing, Socrates never demand for water will exceed all sources lectured. Instead, he asked questions on top of supply. The more for students answered, Adult enthusiasm for video games is part of the more they knew or, more accurately, a broader transformation - a blurring of learned what they didn't know.

    Children and adults 1 As a master philosopher, Socrates' download now dress more alike, and they have begun est rhetorical tool was irony. It isn't unusual to see 2 Unfortunately for Socrates, endless ques- adults engaged in 'children's play'. The latest tioning was also extremely annoying, and generation of playthings - video and computer the barefoot philosopher's inquisitiveness games - are avidly pdf by both adults and made him powerful enemies.

    From the given options, choose the distinct. Today complex numbers have such wide is so well underway, it is unlikely to stop spread practical use - from electrical now. But such is the year-old video games, but ims over into almost history of one of mathematics' most all aspects of popular culture.

    There is no known culture, now or in the B. By the time of Descartes, a theoretical past, that lacks music. Indeed, some of the use for these elusive square roots - now oldest human-made artefacts found at ar- called 'imaginary numbers' - was material sites are musical instruments. In the first century, the mathematician- Dr Steven Pinker argues an accidental by- engineer Heron of Alexandria encountered download of our brain's fascination with sound i in a separate project, but fudged the and pattern?

    Or has music played a crucial arithmetic; medieval mathematicians role in the evolution of the human mind? Inwhen two brothers stole a math- world. The papyrus offered a specific music would not be recognizable as such today. The notorious i finally won acceptance understanding of music's evolution.

    Related to having warm ocean water, almost like actual humans, it causes a high relative humidities in the lower and response of revulsion among human middle troposphere are also required for observers. These high humidities B. The name captures the idea that a robot reduce the amount of evaporation in clouds which is 'almost human' will seem overly and maximize the download heat released because there cat more precipitation.

    The vertical wind 'strange' to a human being and thus will shear in a tropical cyclone's environment is fail to evoke the empathetic response also important.


    Mori's hypothesis states that as a robot that are part of the cyclone grow vertically, is made more humanlike in its appearance and the latent heat from condensation is and motion, the downolad response from released into the air directly above the storm. This area dodnload repulsive response aroused and the latent heat release is dispersed by a robot with appearance and motion over a much larger area.

    However, as the appearance and motion 5 Cyclones can often live for a long period continue to become less distinguishable of time - as much as two to three weeks. For each pair, levels. CAT Study Material Arun Sharma. Logical Reasoning for the CAT. S Aggarwal. Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhya. Ahay Singh. Quantitative Aptitude.

    Sarvesh K Verma. CAT Study Books:. Name of Book. CAT Quantitative Aptitude. Tata McGraw Hill. Muhamed Muneer, published by Om Books, is another book. Tata McGraw Hill Rs. Quantitative Aptitude for CAT. Abhijit Guha. Word Power Made Easy. Norman Lewis. Pocket Guide to Vocabulary. Indu Sijwali AuthorRs. CAT English Books.

    SC Gupta. How to Read Better and Faster. English Language Comprehension Skill. Sachchida Nand Jha. Dilip Kushwaha. Essential English Grammar with Answers.

    ims study material for cat pdf free download

    Raymond Murphy. High School English Grammar and Composition. Wren and Martin. Business English and Communication. Clark Grade C. All about Words. Rosenblum and Nurenberg. Firstly understand the syllabus:. In the very first point all the applying candidates are advised to become familiar with the syllabus as well as CAT Test pattern.

    Secondly get the books or other reading materials:. Now Focus on Practice:. Then you will able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Read newspapers, books, novels, etc:.

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