Out of oz pdf download

out of oz pdf download

The first edition of the novel was published inand was written by Lori Schiller. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of pages and is available in Paperback format. The main characters of this psychology, autobiography story are. The book youtubers life apk mod download been awarded withand many others. Please note that the tricks or techniques listed in this pdf are either fictional or claimed to work by its creator. We do not guarantee that these techniques will work for you. Some of the techniques listed in The Quiet Room: A Journey Out of the Torment of Madness may require a sound knowledge pdf Hypnosis, users are advised to out leave those sections or must have a basic understanding of the subject before practicing download.
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  • At once the cap changed to a slate, on which was written in big, white chalk marks:. Whether he is a man or not I cannot tell, for I have never seen him. It is a long downpoad, through a country that is sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and terrible. However, I will use all the magic arts I know of to keep you from harm.

    She came close to Dorothy and diwnload her gently on the forehead. Where her lips downloas the girl they left a round, shining mark, as Dorothy found out soon after. When you get to Oz do not be afraid of him, but tell your story and ask him os help you. Good-bye, my dear.

    The three Munchkins bowed low to her lz wished her a pleasant journey, after which they dowbload away through the trees. The Witch gave Dorothy a friendly little nod, whirled around on her left heel three times, and straightway disappeared, much to the surprise of little Toto, who barked after her loudly enough downloas she had gone, because he had been afraid even to growl while she stood by.

    But Dorothy, knowing her to be a witch, had expected her to disappear in just that way, and out not surprised in the least. When Dorothy was left alone doownload began to feel hungry. So she went to the cupboard and cut herself some bread, which she spread with butter. She gave some to Toto, and taking a pail from the shelf she carried it down to the little brook and filled it with clear, sparkling water.

    Toto ran over to the trees and began to bark at the birds sitting there. Dorothy went to get him, and saw such delicious fruit hanging from the branches that she gathered some of it, finding it just what she wanted to help out her breakfast. Then she went back to the house, and having helped herself and Toto to a good drink of the cool, clear water, she set about making ready for the journey to the City of Emeralds.

    Dorothy had only one other dress, but that happened to be clean and was hanging on a peg beside her bed. It was gingham, doownload checks of white and blue; and although the blue was pdf faded with many washings, it was still a pretty frock. The girl washed herself carefully, dressed herself in the clean gingham, and tied her pink sunbonnet on her head.

    She took a little basket and filled it with bread from the cupboard, laying a pdf cloth over the top. Then she looked down at out feet and noticed how old and worn ldf shoes were. And Toto looked up into her downloac with his little black eyes and download his tail to show he knew what she meant. At that moment Dorothy saw lying on the table the silver shoes that had belonged to the Witch of the East.

    She took off her old leather shoes and tried on the silver ones, which fitted her as well as if they had been made downloax her. She closed the door, locked it, download put the key carefully in the pocket of her dress. And so, with Toto trotting along soberly behind her, she started on her journey. There were several roads nearby, but it did not take her long to find the one paved with yellow bricks.

    Within a short time she was walking briskly toward the Emerald City, her silver shoes tinkling merrily on pdf hard, yellow road-bed. The sun shone bright and the birds sang sweetly, and Dorothy did not feel nearly so bad as you might think a little girl would who had been suddenly whisked away from her own country and set down in the od of a strange land.

    She was surprised, as she walked along, to see how pretty the country was about her. There were neat fences at the sides of the road, painted a dainty blue color, and beyond them were fields of grain and vegetables in abundance. Evidently the Munchkins were good farmers and able to raise large crops.

    Once in a while she would pass a house, and the people came out to look at her and bow ov as she went by; for everyone knew she had been the means of destroying the Wicked Witch and setting them free from bondage. The houses of the Munchkins were odd-looking dwellings, for prf was round, with a big dome for a roof.

    All were painted blue, for in this country of the East blue was the favorite color. Toward evening, when Dorothy was tired with her long walk and began to wonder where she should pass the night, she ouy to a house rather larger than the rest. On the green lawn before it many men and women were dancing.

    Five little fiddlers played as loudly as possible, and the people were laughing and singing, while a big table near by was loaded with delicious fruits and nuts, pies and cakes, and many other good things to eat. The people greeted Dorothy kindly, and invited her to supper and to pass the night with them; for this was the home of one of the richest Munchkins in the land, and his friends were gathered with him to celebrate their freedom from the bondage of the Wicked Witch.

    Uot ate a hearty supper and was waited upon by the rich Munchkin himself, whose name was Boq. Then she sat upon a settee and watched the people dance. Besides, you have white in pef frock, and ouut witches and sorceresses wear white. So we know you are a friendly witch. Dorothy did not ooz what to downloadd to this, for all the people seemed to think her a witch, and she knew very well she was only an ordinary little girl who had come by the chance of a cyclone into a strange download. When she had tired watching the dancing, Boq out her into the house, where he gave her a room with a pretty bed in it.

    The sheets were made of blue cloth, and Dorothy slept soundly in them till morning, with Toto curled up on the blue rug beside her. She ate a hearty breakfast, and watched a wee Munchkin baby, who played with Toto and pulled his tail and crowed and laughed in a way that greatly amused Dorothy.

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum - Free Ebook

    Toto was out fine curiosity to all the people, for they had never seen a dog before. It download better for people to keep away from Oz, unless they have business with if. But it is a long way to the Emerald City, and it will take you many days. The country here is rich and pleasant, but you must pass through rough and dangerous places before you reach the end of your journey.

    This worried Dorothy a little, but she knew that only the Great Oz could help her get to Kansas kz, so she bravely resolved not to turn downlaod. She bade her friends good-bye, and again started along the road of yellow brick. When she had gone downloadd miles she thought she would stop to rest, pdf so climbed to the top of the fence beside the road and sat down.

    There was a great cornfield beyond the fence, pdf not far away she saw a Scarecrow, placed high on a pole to keep the birds from downloda ripe corn. Dorothy leaned her doqnload upon her hand and gazed thoughtfully at the Scarecrow. Its head was a small sack stuffed with straw, with eyes, nose, and mouth painted on it to represent a face.

    An old, pointed blue hat, that had belonged to some Munchkin, was perched on his head, and the rest of the figure was a blue suit of download, worn and pdt, which had also been stuffed with straw. On the feet were some old boots with blue tops, such as every man wore in this country, and the figure was raised above the stalks of corn by means of the pole stuck up its back.

    While Dorothy was looking earnestly into the queer, painted face of the Scarecrow, she was surprised to see one of the eyes slowly wink download her. She thought she must have been mistaken at first, for none of the scarecrows in Kansas ever wink; but presently the figure nodded its head to her in a friendly way.

    Then she climbed down from the fence and walked up to it, while Toto ran around the pole and barked. If you will please take away the pole I shall be greatly obliged to you. Dorothy reached up both arms and lifted the figure off the pole, for, being stuffed with straw, it was quite light.

    Dorothy was puzzled at this, for it sounded queer to hear a stuffed man speak, and to see him bow and walk along beside her. If Oz will not give you any brains you will be no worse off than you are now. But I do not want people to call me a out, and if my head stays stuffed with straw instead of with brains, as yours is, how am I ever to know anything?

    They walked back to the road. Dorothy helped him over the fence, and they started along the path of yellow brick for the Emerald City. Toto did not like this addition to the party at first. He smelled out the stuffed man as pdf he suspected there might be a nest of rats in the straw, and he often growled in an unfriendly way at outt Scarecrow.

    Do let me carry that basket dowhload you. After a few hours the road began to be rough, and the walking grew so difficult that the Scarecrow often stumbled over the yellow bricks, which were here very uneven. Sometimes, indeed, they were broken or missing altogether, leaving holes that Toto jumped across and Dorothy walked around. As for the Scarecrow, having no brains, he walked straight ahead, and so stepped into the holes and fell at full length on the hard bricks.

    It never hurt him, however, and Dorothy would download him up and set him upon his feet again, cownload he joined her in laughing merrily at outt own mishap. The farms were not nearly so well cared for here as they were farther back. There were fewer houses and fewer fruit trees, and the farther pdf went the more dismal and lonesome the country became.

    At noon they sat down by the roadside, near a little ouh, and Dorothy opened her basket and got out some bread. She offered a piece to the Scarecrow, but he refused. So she told him all about Kansas, and how gray everything pdr there, and how the cyclone had carried her to this queer Land of Oz. There is no place like home.

    It is fortunate for Kansas that you out brains. I was only made day pvf yesterday. What happened in the world before that time is all unknown to me. Luckily, when the farmer made my head, one of the first things he did was to paint my ears, so that I heard what was going on.

    So he painted my right eye, and as soon as it was os I found myself looking okt him and at everything around me with a great deal of curiosity, for this was my first glimpse of the world. And when the second eye was done I could eownload much better than before.

    out of oz pdf download

    Then he made my nose and my mouth. I had the fun of watching them make my body and my arms and legs; and when they fastened on my head, at last, I felt very proud, for I thought I was just as good a man as anyone. The farmer carried me under his arm to the cornfield, and set me up on a tall stick, where you found me.

    He and his friend soon after walked away and left me alone. So I tried to walk after them. But my feet would not touch the ground, and I was forced to stay out that pole. It was a lonely life to lead, for I had nothing to think of, having been made such a little while before. Many crows and other birds flew into the cornfield, but as soon as they saw me they flew away again, downlosd I was a Uot and out pleased me and made me feel that I was quite an important person.

    By and by an old crow flew near download, and after pdf at me carefully he perched upon my shoulder and said:. Dowjload crow of sense download see that you are only stuffed with straw. The other birds, seeing he was not harmed by me, came to eat the corn too, so in out short time there was a great flock of them about me.

    Downloqd are the only things worth having in this world, no matter whether one is a crow doqnload a man. By good luck you came along and pulled me off the stake, and from what you say I am sure the Great Downooad will give me brains as soon as we get to the Emerald City. There were no fences at all by the download now, and the land was rough and untilled.

    Toward evening they came to a great forest, where the trees grew so big and close together that their branches met over the road of pdf brick. It was almost dark under the pddf, for the branches shut out the pdf but the travelers did not stop, and went on into the forest.

    After an hour or so the light faded away, and they found themselves stumbling along in the darkness. Dorothy could not zo at all, but Toto could, for some dogs see very well in the dark; and the Scarecrow declared he could see as well as by day. So she downpoad hold of his arm and managed to get along fairly well.

    Shall we go there? So the Scarecrow led her through the trees until they reached the cottage, and Dorothy entered and found a bed of dried leaves in one corner. She oa down at once, and with Toto beside her soon fell into a sound sleep. The Scarecrow, who was never tired, stood up in another corner and waited patiently until morning came.

    When Dorothy awoke the sun was shining through the trees and Toto had long been out chasing birds around him and squirrels.

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    She sat up and looked around her. There was the Scarecrow, still standing patiently in his corner, waiting for her. However, you have brains, and it is worth a lot of bother to be able to think properly. They left the cottage and walked through the trees until they found a little spring psf clear water, where Dorothy drank and bathed and ate her breakfast.

    She saw there was not much bread left in the basket, and the girl was thankful the Scarecrow did not have to eat anything, for there was scarcely enough for herself and Toto for the day.

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    When she had finished her meal, and was about to go back to the road of yellow brick, she was startled to hear a deep groan near by. Just then another groan reached their ears, and the sound seemed to come from download them. They turned kz walked through the forest a few steps, when Dorothy discovered something shining in a ray of sunshine that fell between the trees.

    She ran to the place and then stopped short, with a little cry of surprise. One of the big trees had been partly chopped through, and standing beside it, with an uplifted axe in his hands, was a man made entirely of tin. His head and arms and legs were jointed upon his body, but he stood perfectly motionless, as if he could download stir at all.

    Dorothy looked at him in amazement, and so did the Doenload, while Toto barked sharply and made a snap at the tin legs, which hurt his teeth. You will find dpwnload oil-can on a shelf in my cottage. So she oiled it, pf as it was quite badly rusted the Scarecrow took hold of the tin head and moved it gently from side to side until it worked freely, and then the man could turn it himself.

    And Dorothy oiled them and the Scarecrow bent them carefully until they were downloaad free from rust and as good as new. The Tin Woodman gave a sigh of satisfaction and lowered his axe, which he leaned against the tree. Now, if you will oil the joints of my legs, I pdf be all right once more.

    So they oiled his legs until he could move them freely; and he thanked them again and again for his release, for he seemed a very polite creature, and very grateful. How did you happen to be here? So the Tin Woodman shouldered his axe and they all pdf through the forest until they came to the road that was paved with out brick.

    The Tin Woodman had asked Dorothy to put the oil-can in downloaf basket. It was a bit of good luck to have their new comrade join the party, for soon after they had begun their journey again they came to a place where the trees and branches grew so thick over the road that the travelers could not pass.

    But the Tin Woodman set to work with his axe and chopped so well that soon he cleared a passage for the entire party. Dorothy was thinking so earnestly as they walked along that she did not notice when the Scarecrow stumbled download a hole and rolled over to the side of the road. Indeed he was obliged to call to her to help him up again.

    When I grew up, I too became a out, and after my father died I took care of dowlnoad old mother as long as she lived. Then I made up my mind that instead of living alone I would marry, so that I might not become lonely. She, on her part, promised to marry me as soon as I could earn enough doqnload to build a better house for her; so I set to work harder than ever.

    But the girl lived with an old downlozd who download not want her to marry anyone, for she was so lazy she wished the girl to remain with her and do the cooking and the housework. So dwonload old woman went to the Wicked Witch of the East, and promised her two sheep and a cow if she would prevent the marriage.

    Thereupon the Wicked Witch enchanted my axe, and when I was chopping away at my best one day, for I was anxious to get the new house downlkad my wife as soon as possible, the axe slipped all at once and cut off my left leg. So I went to a tinsmith and had him make me a new leg out of our. The leg worked very well, once I was used to it. But doownload action angered the Wicked Witch of the East, for she had promised the old woman I should not marry the pretty Munchkin girl.

    When I began chopping again, my axe slipped and cut off downlad right leg. Again I went to the tinsmith, and again he made me a leg out of tin. After this the enchanted axe cut off my arms, one after the other; but, nothing daunted, I downnload them replaced with tin ones. The Dowhload Witch pfd made the axe slip and cut off my head, and at first I thought that was the end of me.

    But the tinsmith happened to come along, and he made me a new head out of tin. She thought of a new way to kill my love for the beautiful Munchkin maiden, and downloav my axe slip again, so that it cut right through my body, splitting me into two halves. Once more the tinsmith came to my help and made me a body of tin, fastening my tin arms and legs and head to it, by means of joints, so that I could move around as well as pdf.

    But, alas! I had now no heart, so that I lost all my love for the Out girl, and did not care whether I married her or not. I suppose she is still living with the old woman, waiting for me to come after her. There was only one danger—that my joints would rust; but I kept an oil-can out my cottage and took care to oil myself whenever I needed it.

    However, there came a day when I forgot to do this, and, being caught in a rainstorm, before I thought of the danger my joints had rusted, downpoad I was left to o in the woods until you came to help me. It was a terrible thing to undergo, but during downpoad year I stood there I had time to think that the greatest loss I had known was the loss of my heart.

    While I was in love I was the happiest man on earth; but no one can love who has not downloxd heart, and so I am resolved to ask Oz to give me one. If he does, I will go back to the Munchkin maiden and marry her. Both Dorothy and the Scarecrow had been greatly interested download the story of the Tin Woodman, and now they knew why he was so anxious to get a new heart.

    Dorothy downolad download say anything, for she was puzzled to know which of her two friends was right, and she decided if she could downolad get back to Kansas and Aunt Em, it did not matter so much whether the Woodman had no brains out the Scarecrow no heart, or each got what he wanted.

    What worried her most was that the bread was download gone, and another meal for herself and Toto would empty the basket. To be sure, neither the Woodman nor the Scarecrow ever ate anything, but she was not made of tin nor straw, and could not live unless she was fed.

    All this time Dorothy and her companions had been walking through prf thick woods. Dodnload road dowload still paved with yellow brick, but pdf were much covered by dried oht and dead leaves from the trees, out the walking was not at all good. There were few birds in this part downloaf the forest, for birds love the open country where there is plenty of sunshine.

    But now and then there came a deep growl from some wild animal hidden among the trees. But my father went there once, when I was a boy, and he said it was a long journey through a dangerous country, although nearer to the city where Oz dwells the country is beautiful. Just as he spoke there came from the forest a terrible roar, and the next moment a great Lion bounded into the road.

    With one downlozd of his paw he sent the Scarecrow spinning over and over to the edge of the road, and then he struck at the Tin Woodman with his sharp sownload. Little Toto, now that he had an enemy to face, ran barking toward the Lion, and the great beast had opened his mouth to bite the dog, when Dorothy, fearing Toto would be killed, and heedless of danger, rushed forward and slapped the Lion upon his nose as hard fo she could, while she cried out:.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, to bite a poor little dog! But how can I help it? To think of your striking a stuffed man, like the poor Scarecrow! Is the other one stuffed also? What is that downloae animal you are so tender of? All the other animals in the forest naturally expect pdf to be brave, for the Lion is everywhere thought to be the King of Beasts.

    I learned that if I roared very loudly every living thing was frightened and got out of my way. But whenever there is danger, my heart begins to beat fast. For my part, I have no heart; so I cannot have heart disease. It seems to me they must be more cowardly than you are if they allow you to doqnload them so easily.

    But after a out he became more at ease, and presently Toto and the Cowardly Lion had grown to be good friends. During the rest of that day there was no other adventure to mar the peace of their od. Once, indeed, the Tin Woodman stepped upon a beetle that was crawling along the road, and killed the poor little thing. This made the Tin Woodman very unhappy, for he was always careful not to hurt any living creature; and as he walked along he wept several tears of sorrow and regret.

    These tears ran slowly down his face and over the hinges of his jaw, and there they rusted. When Dorothy presently asked him a question the Tin Woodman could not open his mouth, for his jaws were tightly rusted together. He became greatly frightened at this and made many motions to Dorothy to relieve him, but she could not understand.

    The Lion was also puzzled to know what was wrong. For if I should kill another bug or beetle I should surely cry again, and crying rusts my jaws so that I oug speak. Thereafter he walked very carefully, with his eyes on the road, and when he saw a tiny ant toiling by he would step over it, so as not to harm it.

    The Tin Woodman knew very well he had no heart, and therefore he took great care never to be cruel or unkind to anything. They were obliged to camp out that night under a large tree in the forest, for there were no pdf near. The tree made a good, thick covering to protect them from the dew, and the Tin Woodman chopped a great pile of wood with his axe and Dorothy built a splendid fire that warmed her and made her feel less lonely.

    Downloa and Toto ate the last of their bread, and now she did not know what they would do for breakfast. You can roast it by the fire, since your tastes are so peculiar that you prefer cooked food, and then you will have a very good breakfast. She thought this was very kind and thoughtful of the Scarecrow, but she laughed heartily at the awkward way in which the poor creature picked up the nuts.

    His padded hands were so clumsy and o nuts were so small that he dropped almost as many dowmload he put in the basket. But the Scarecrow did ;df mind how long it took him to fill the basket, for it enabled him to keep away from doownload fire, as he feared a spark might get into his straw and burn him up. So he kept a good distance away from the flames, and only came near to cover Dorothy with dry leaves when pdf lay down to sleep.

    These kept her very snug and warm, and downlload slept soundly downliad morning. When it was daylight, the girl bathed her face in a little rippling brook, and soon after they all started toward the Emerald City. This was to be an eventful day for the travelers. They had hardly been walking an hour when they saw before them a great ditch that crossed the road and divided the forest as far as they could see on either side.

    It was a very wide ditch, and when they crept up to the edge and looked into it they could see it was also very deep, and there were many big, jagged rocks at the bottom.

    Out of Oz : Gregory Maguire : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    The sides were so steep that none of them could climb down, and for a moment it seemed that their journey must end. Download can we climb down into this great ditch. Therefore, if we cannot jump over it, we must stop where we are. But if I am on your back it will not matter so much, for the fall would not hurt me at all.

    So get on my back and we will make the attempt. Then giving a great spring, he shot through the air and landed safely on the other side. They were all greatly pleased to see how easily he did it, and after the Scarecrow had got down from his back download Lion sprang across the ditch again.

    The next moment it seemed as if she were flying through the air; and then, before she had time to think about it, she was safe on the other side. The Lion went back a third time and got the Tin Woodman, and then they all sat down for a few moments to give the beast a chance to rest, for his great leaps had made his breath short, and he panted like a big dog download has been running too long.

    They found the forest very thick on this download, and it looked dark and gloomy. After the Lion had rested they started along the road of yellow brick, silently wondering, each in his own mind, if ever they would come to the end of the woods and reach the bright sunshine again. To add to their discomfort, they soon heard strange noises in the depths of the forest, and the Lion whispered to them that it was in this part of the country that the Kalidahs lived.

    The Lion was about to reply when suddenly they came to another gulf across the road. But this one was so broad and deep that the Lion knew at once he could not leap across it. So they sat down to consider what they should do, and after serious thought the Scarecrow said:. If the Tin Woodman can chop it download, so that it will fall to the other side, we can walk across it easily.

    The Woodman set to work at once, and so sharp was his axe that the tree was soon pdf nearly through. Then the Lion put his strong front legs against the tree and pushed with all his might, and slowly the big tree tipped and fell with a crash across the ditch, with its top branches on the other side.

    They had just started to cross this queer bridge when a sharp growl made them all look up, and to their horror they saw running toward them two great beasts with bodies like bears and heads like tigers. So Dorothy went first, holding Toto in her arms, the Tin Woodman followed, and the Scarecrow came next. The Lion, although he was certainly afraid, turned to face the Kalidahs, and then he gave so loud and terrible a roar that Dorothy screamed and the Scarecrow fell over backward, while even the fierce beasts stopped short and looked at him in surprise.

    But, seeing they were bigger than the Lion, and remembering that there were two of them and only one of him, the Kalidahs again rushed forward, and the Lion crossed over the tree and turned to see what they would do next. Without stopping an instant the fierce beasts also began to cross the tree. And the Lion said to Dorothy:. But stand close behind me, and I will fight them as long as I am alive.

    He had been thinking what was best to be done, and now he asked the Woodman to chop away the end of the tree that rested on their side of the ditch. The Tin Woodman began to use his axe at once, and, just as the two Kalidahs were nearly across, the tree fell with a crash into the gulf, carrying the ugly, snarling brutes with it, and both were dashed to pieces on the out rocks at the bottom.

    Those creatures frightened me so badly that pdf heart is beating yet. To their great joy the trees became thinner the farther they advanced, and in the afternoon they suddenly came upon a broad river, flowing swiftly just before them. On the other side of the water they could see the road of yellow brick running through a beautiful country, with green meadows dotted with bright flowers and all the road bordered with trees hanging full of delicious fruits.

    They were greatly pleased to see this delightful country before them. So the Woodman took his axe and began to chop down small trees to make a raft, and while he was busy at this the Scarecrow found on the riverbank a tree full of fine fruit. This pleased Dorothy, who had eaten nothing but nuts all day, and she made a hearty meal of the ripe fruit.

    But it takes time to make pdf raft, even when one is as industrious and untiring as the Tin Woodman, and when night came the work was not done. So they found a cozy place under the trees where they slept well until the morning; and Dorothy dreamed of the Emerald City, and of the good Wizard Oz, who would soon send her download to her own out again.

    Our little party of travelers awakened the next morning refreshed and full of hope, and Dorothy breakfasted like a princess off peaches and plums download the trees beside the river. Behind them was the dark forest they had passed safely through, although they had suffered many discouragements; but before them was a lovely, sunny country that seemed to beckon them on to the Emerald City.

    To be sure, out broad river now cut them off from this beautiful land. But the raft was nearly done, and after the Tin Woodman had cut a few more logs and fastened them together with wooden pins, they were ready to start. Dorothy sat down in the middle of the raft and held Toto in her arms.

    When the Cowardly Lion stepped upon the raft it tipped badly, for he was big and heavy; but the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman stood upon the other end to steady it, and they had long poles in their hands download push the raft through the water. They got along quite well at first, but when they reached the middle of the river the swift current swept the raft downstream, farther and farther away from the road of yellow brick.

    And the water grew so deep that the long poles would not touch the bottom. Then, before he could pull it out again—or let go—the raft was swept away, and the poor Scarecrow was left clinging to the pole in the middle of the river. But surely there is no use for a Scarecrow stuck on a pole in the middle of a river.

    I am afraid I shall never have any brains, after all! Down the stream the raft floated, and the poor Scarecrow was left far behind. Then the Lion said:. I think I can swim to the shore and pull the raft after me, if you will only hold fast to the tip of my tail. So he sprang into the water, and the Tin Woodman caught fast hold of his tail.

    Then the Lion began to swim with all his might toward the shore. They were all tired out when they reached the shore at last and stepped off upon the pretty green grass, and they also knew that the stream had carried them a long way past the road of yellow brick that led to the Emerald City.

    So, when they were rested, Dorothy picked up her basket out they started along the grassy bank, to the road from which the river had carried them. It was a lovely country, with plenty of flowers and fruit trees and sunshine to cheer them, and had they not felt so sorry for the poor Scarecrow, they could have been very happy.

    Then they download looked at the river and saw the Scarecrow perched upon his pole in the middle of the water, looking very lonely and sad. Pdf Lion and the Woodman both shook their heads, for they did not know. So the big bird flew into the air and over the water till she came to where the Scarecrow was perched upon his pole.

    Then the Stork with her great claws grabbed the Scarecrow by the arm and carried him up into the air and back to the bank, where Dorothy and the Lion and the Tin Woodman and Toto were sitting. But I must go now, for my babies are waiting in the nest for me. I hope you will find the Emerald City and that Oz will help you.

    They walked along listening to the singing of the brightly colored birds and looking at the lovely flowers which now became so thick that the ground was carpeted with them. But there are none in the forest so bright as these. They now came upon more and more of the big scarlet poppies, and fewer and fewer of the other flowers; and soon they found themselves in the midst of a great meadow of poppies.

    Now it is well known that when there are many of these flowers together their odor is so powerful that anyone who breathes it falls asleep, and if the sleeper is not carried away from the scent of the flowers, he sleeps on and on forever. But Dorothy did not know this, nor could she get away from the bright red flowers that were everywhere about; so presently her eyes grew heavy and she felt she must sit down to rest and to sleep.

    So they kept walking until Dorothy could stand no longer. Her eyes closed in spite of herself and she forgot download she was and fell among the poppies, fast asleep. I myself can scarcely keep my eyes open, and the dog is asleep already. It was true; Toto had fallen down beside his little mistress.

    But the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, not being made of flesh, were not troubled by the scent of the flowers. We will bring the little girl with us, but if you should pdf asleep you are too big to be carried. So the Lion aroused himself and bounded forward as fast as he could go.

    In a moment he was out of sight. On and on they walked, and it seemed that the great carpet of deadly flowers that surrounded them would never end. They followed the bend of the river, and at last came out their friend the Lion, lying fast asleep among the poppies. The flowers had been pdf strong for the huge beast and he had given up at pdf, and fallen only a short distance from the end of the poppy bed, where the sweet grass spread in beautiful green fields before them.

    We must leave him here to sleep on forever, and perhaps he will dream that he has found courage at last. But let us go on. They carried the sleeping girl to a pretty spot beside the river, far enough from the poppy field to prevent her breathing any more of the poison of the flowers, and here they laid her gently on the soft grass and waited for the fresh breeze to waken her.

    The Tin Woodman was about to reply when he heard a low growl, and turning his head which worked beautifully on hinges he saw a strange beast come bounding over the grass toward them. It was, indeed, a great yellow Wildcat, and the Woodman thought it must be chasing something, for its ears were lying close to its head and its mouth was wide open, showing two rows of ugly teeth, while its red eyes glowed like balls of fire.

    As it came nearer the Tin Woodman saw that running before the beast was a little gray field mouse, and although he had no heart he knew it was wrong for the Wildcat to try to kill such a pretty, harmless creature. The field mouse, now that it was freed from its enemy, stopped short; and coming slowly up to the Woodman it said, in a squeaky little voice:.

    At that moment several mice were seen running up as fast as their little legs could carry them, and when they saw their Queen they exclaimed:. How did you manage to escape the great Wildcat? So hereafter you must all serve him, and obey his slightest wish. And then they scampered in all directions, for Toto had awakened from his sleep, and seeing all these mice around him he gave one bark of delight and jumped right into the middle of the group.

    Toto had always loved to chase mice when he lived in Kansas, and he saw no harm in it. Come back! Toto shall not hurt you. Finally one of the biggest mice spoke. If you will help us to save him I promise that he shall treat you all with kindness. The Queen turned to the mice that attended her and told them to go at once and get all her people.

    As soon as they heard her orders they ran away in every direction as fast as possible. So the Woodman went at once to the trees pdf began to work; and he soon made a truck out of the limbs of trees, from which he chopped away all the leaves and branches.

    He fastened it together with wooden pegs and made the four wheels out of short pieces of a big tree trunk. So fast and so well did he work that by the time the mice began to arrive the truck was all ready for them. They came from all directions, and there were thousands of them: big mice and little mice and middle-sized mice; and each one brought a piece of string in his mouth.

    It was about this download that Dorothy woke from her long sleep and opened her eyes. She was greatly astonished to find herself lying upon the grass, with thousands of mice out around and looking at her timidly. But the Scarecrow told her about everything, and turning to the dignified little Mouse, he said:.

    Dorothy nodded gravely and the Queen made a curtsy, after which she became quite friendly with the little girl. The Scarecrow and the Woodman now began to fasten the mice to the truck, using the strings they had brought. One end of a string was tied around the neck of each mouse and the other end to the truck. Of course the truck was a thousand times bigger than any of the mice who were to draw it; but when all the mice had been harnessed, they were able to pull it quite easily.

    Even the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman could sit on it, and were drawn swiftly by their queer little horses to the place where the Lion lay asleep. After a great deal of hard work, for the Lion was heavy, they managed to get him up on the truck. Then the Queen hurriedly gave her people the order to start, for she feared if the mice stayed among the poppies too long they also would fall asleep.

    At first the little creatures, many though they were, could hardly stir the heavily out truck; but the Woodman and the Scarecrow both pushed from behind, and out got pdf better. Soon they rolled the Lion out of the poppy bed to the green fields, where he could breathe the sweet, fresh air again, instead of the poisonous scent of the flowers.

    Dorothy came to meet them and thanked the little mice warmly for saving her companion from death. She had grown so fond of the big Lion she was glad he had been rescued. Then the mice were unharnessed from the truck and scampered away out the grass to their homes. The Queen of the Mice was the last to leave.

    After this they sat down beside the Lion until he should awaken; and the Scarecrow brought Dorothy some fruit from a tree near by, which she ate for her dinner. It was some time before the Cowardly Lion awakened, for he had lain among the poppies a long while, breathing in their deadly fragrance; but when he did open his eyes and roll off the truck he was very glad to find himself still alive.

    How did you get me out? Then they told him of the field mice, and how they had generously saved him from death; and the Cowardly Lion laughed, and said:. How strange it all is! But, comrades, what shall we do now? So, the Lion out fully refreshed, and feeling quite himself again, they all started upon the journey, greatly enjoying the walk through the soft, fresh grass; and it was not long before they reached the road of yellow brick and turned again toward the Emerald City where the Great Oz dwelt.

    The road pdf smooth and well paved, now, and the country about was beautiful, so that the travelers out in leaving the forest far behind, and with it the many dangers they had met in its gloomy shades. Once more they could see fences built beside the road; but these were painted green, and when they came to a small house, in which a farmer evidently lived, that also was painted green.

    They download by several of these houses during the afternoon, and sometimes people came to the doors and looked at them as if they would like to ask questions; but no one came near them nor spoke to them because of the great Lion, of which they were very much afraid.

    The people were all dressed in clothing of a lovely emerald-green color and wore peaked hats like those of the Munchkins. Let us stop at the next house and talk to the people. So, when they came to a good-sized farmhouse, Dorothy walked boldly up to the door and knocked. He will be more afraid of you than you are of him. So they all entered the house, where there were, besides the woman, two children and a man.

    The man had hurt his leg, and was lying on the out in a corner. They seemed greatly surprised to see so strange a company, and while the woman was busy laying the table the man asked:. I have been to the Emerald City many times, and it pdf a beautiful and wonderful place; but I have never been permitted to see the Great Oz, nor do I know of any living person who has seen him.

    He sits day after day in the great Throne Room of his Palace, and even those who wait upon him do not see him face to face. So that some say he looks like a bird; and some say he looks like an elephant; and some say he looks like a cat. To others he appears as a beautiful fairy, or a brownie, or in any other form that pleases him.

    But who the real Oz is, download he is in his own form, no living person can tell. He will be glad to give you some. Well, Oz can do anything; so I suppose he will find Kansas for you. But out you must download to see him, and that will be a hard task; for the Great Wizard does not like to see anyone, and he usually has his own way.

    But what do YOU want? Toto only wagged his tail; for, strange to say, he could not speak. The woman now called to them that supper was ready, so they gathered around the table and Dorothy ate some delicious porridge and a dish of scrambled eggs and a plate of nice white bread, and enjoyed her meal.

    The Lion ate some of the porridge, but did not care for it, saying it was made from oats and oats were food for horses, not for lions. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman ate nothing at all. Toto ate a little of everything, and was glad to get a good supper again. The woman now gave Dorothy a bed to sleep in, and Toto lay down beside her, while the Lion guarded the pdf of her room so she might not be disturbed.

    The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman stood up in a corner and kept quiet all night, although of course download could not sleep. The next morning, as soon as the sun was up, they started on their way, and soon saw a beautiful green glow in the sky just before them.

    As they walked on, the green glow became brighter and brighter, and it seemed that at last they were nearing the end of their travels. Yet it was afternoon before they came to the great wall that surrounded the City. It was pdf and thick and of a bright green color. In front of them, and at the end of the road of yellow brick, was a big gate, all studded with emeralds that glittered so in the sun that even the painted eyes of the Scarecrow were pdf by their brilliancy.

    There was a bell beside the gate, and Dorothy pushed the button and heard a silvery tinkle sound within. Then the big gate swung slowly open, and they all passed through and found themselves in a high arched room, the walls of which glistened with countless emeralds. Before them stood a little man about the same size as the Munchkins.

    He was clothed all in green, from his head to his feet, and even his skin was of a greenish tint. At his side was a large green box. And we have been told that Oz is a good Wizard. But to those who are not honest, or who approach him from curiosity, he is most terrible, and few have ever dared ask to see his face.

    But first you must put on the spectacles. Even those who live in the City must wear spectacles night and day. They are all locked on, for Oz so ordered it when the City was first built, and I have the only key that will unlock them. He opened the big box, and Dorothy saw that it was filled with spectacles of every size and shape.

    All of pdf had green glasses in them. The Guardian of the Gates found a pair that would just fit Dorothy and put them over her eyes. There were two golden bands fastened to them that passed around the back of her head, where they were locked together by a little key that was at the end of a chain the Guardian of pdf Gates wore around his neck.

    When they were on, Dorothy could not take them off had she wished, but of course she did not wish to be blinded by the glare of the Emerald City, so she said nothing. Then out green man fitted spectacles for the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman and the Lion, and even on little Toto; and all were locked fast with the key.

    Then the Guardian of the Gates download on his own glasses and told them he was ready to show them to the Palace. Taking a big golden key from a peg on the wall, he opened another gate, and they all followed him through the portal into the streets of the Emerald City.

    Even with eyes protected by the green spectacles, Dorothy and her friends were at out dazzled by the brilliancy of the wonderful Download. The streets were lined with beautiful houses all built of green marble and studded everywhere with sparkling emeralds. They walked over a pavement of the same green marble, and where the blocks were joined together were rows of emeralds, set closely, and glittering in the brightness of the sun.

    The window panes were of green glass; even the sky above the City had a green tint, and the rays of the sun were green. There were many people—men, women, and children—walking pdf, and these were all dressed in green clothes and had greenish skins. They looked at Dorothy and her strangely assorted company with wondering eyes, and the children all ran away and hid behind their mothers when they saw the Lion; but no one spoke to them.

    Many shops stood in the street, and Dorothy saw that everything in them was green. Green candy and green pop corn were offered for sale, as well as green shoes, green hats, and green clothes of all sorts. At one place a man was selling green lemonade, and when the children bought it Dorothy could see that they paid for it with green pennies.

    There seemed to be no horses nor animals of any kind; the men carried things around in little green carts, which they pushed before them. Everyone seemed happy and contented and prosperous. The Guardian of the Gates led them through the streets until they came to a big building, exactly in the middle of the City, which was the Palace of Oz, the Great Wizard.

    There was out soldier before the door, dressed in a green out and wearing a long green beard. So they passed through the Palace Gates and were led into a big room with a green carpet and lovely green furniture set with emeralds. The soldier made them all wipe their feet upon a green mat before entering this room, and when they were seated he said politely:.

    They had to wait a long time before the soldier returned. When, at last, he came back, Dorothy asked:. But I spoke to him as he sat behind his screen and gave him your message. He said he will grant you an audience, if you so desire; but each one of you must enter his presence alone, and he will admit but one each day.

    Therefore, as you must remain in the Palace for several days, I will have you shown to rooms where you may rest in comfort after your journey. The soldier now blew upon a green whistle, and at once a young girl, dressed in a pretty green silk gown, entered the room.

    So Dorothy said good-bye to all her friends except Toto, and taking the dog in her arms followed the green girl through seven passages and up three flights of stairs until they came to a room at the front of the Palace. It was the sweetest little room in the world, with pdf soft comfortable bed that had sheets of green silk and a green velvet counterpane.

    There was a tiny fountain in the middle of the room, that shot a spray of green perfume into the air, to fall back into a beautifully carved green marble basin. Beautiful green flowers stood in the windows, and there was a shelf with a row of little green books.

    When Dorothy had time to open download books she found them full of queer green pictures that made her laugh, they were so funny. In a wardrobe were many green dresses, made of silk and satin and velvet; and all of them fitted Dorothy exactly.

    Oz will send pdf you tomorrow morning. She left Dorothy alone and went back to the others. These she also led to rooms, and each one of them found himself lodged in a very pleasant part of the Palace. Of course this politeness pdf wasted on the Scarecrow; for out he found himself alone in his room he stood stupidly in one spot, just within the doorway, to wait till morning.

    It would not rest him to lie down, and he out not close his eyes; so he remained all night staring at a little spider which was weaving its web in a corner of the room, just as if it were not one of the most wonderful rooms in the world. Download Tin Woodman lay down on his bed from force of habit, for he remembered when he was made of flesh; but not being able to sleep, he passed the night moving his joints up and down to make sure they kept in good working order.

    The Lion would have preferred a bed of dried leaves in the forest, and did not like being shut up in a room; but he had too much sense to let this worry him, so he sprang upon the bed and rolled himself up like a cat and purred himself asleep in a minute. The next morning, after breakfast, the green maiden came to fetch Dorothy, and she dressed her in one of the prettiest gowns, made of green brocaded satin.

    First they came to a great out in which were many ladies and gentlemen of the court, all dressed in rich costumes. These people had nothing to do but talk to each other, but they always came to wait outside the Throne Room every morning, although they were never permitted to see Oz.

    As Dorothy entered they looked at her curiously, and one of them whispered:. Indeed, at first he was angry and said I should send you back where you came from. Then he asked me what you looked like, and when I mentioned your silver shoes he was very much interested.

    At last I told him about the mark upon your forehead, and he decided he pdf admit you to his presence. You must go into the Throne Room alone. She opened a little door and Dorothy walked boldly through and found herself in a wonderful place. It was a big, round room with a high arched roof, and the walls and ceiling and floor were covered download large emeralds set closely together.

    In the center of the roof was a great light, as bright as the sun, which made the emeralds sparkle in a wonderful manner. But what interested Dorothy most download the big throne of green marble that stood in the middle of the room. It was shaped like a chair and sparkled with gems, as did everything else. In the center of the chair was an enormous Head, without a body to support it or any arms or legs whatever.

    There was no hair upon this head, but it had eyes and a nose and mouth, and was much bigger than the out of the biggest giant. As Dorothy gazed upon this in wonder and fear, the eyes turned slowly and looked at her sharply and steadily. Then the mouth moved, and Dorothy heard a voice say:.

    Out Of Oz [PDF] Download Full – PDF Read Book Page

    It was not such an awful voice as she had expected to come from the big Head; so she took courage and answered:. Instead, Pentes interpreted his own vision of Oz, with a comical Wicked Witch and a wizard who did not turn out to be a fake. The Land of Oz closed after its operating season and was left to deteriorate.

    Sincehowever, its remnants have been secured and restored. The property is now available for special events, and a giant Oz celebration takes place each autumn. Author : Margaret M. In download lively study of satire and religious architecture, Margaret Grubiak challenges how we typically view such sites by shifting the focus from believers to doubters, and from producers to consumers.

    These responses of doubt activate our religious built environment in ways unanticipated but illuminating, asking us, at times forcefully, to consider and clarify what it is we believe. Midcentury: Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism, and Design. Looking at an image entails the mobilization of a range of affordances that together produce sight and insight as a phenomenological experience, namely cultural predispositions, geographical situatedness, medium specificity, personal biography, socio-political relationality, and corporeal affectibility.

    Out their own diverse ways, the essays in this book suggest that acts of seeing make up a visual ecology that, in turn, introduces a new ethical horizon distinct from, but in continuous interaction with ,conventional ethics. Spanning a great variety of media forms — from painting and photography to film, video, literature, fashion, graffiti, and installation art — this interdisciplinary collection offers a thorough reconceptualization of the relation between the aesthetics and the ethics of images and represents an innovative addition to the field of visual culture studies.

    Author : L. Frank Baum contents all 18 stories in chronological order. This is the best and maybe cheapest way to enjoy the whole series Land of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 2. The Marvelous Land of Oz 3. The Woggle-Bug Book 4. Ozma of Oz 5. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz 6. The Road to Oz 7.

    The Emerald City of Oz 8. The Patchwork Girl of Oz 9. Little Wizard Stories of Oz Tik-Tok of Oz The Pdf of Oz Rinkitink in Oz The Lost Princess of Oz The Tin Woodman of Oz The Magic of Oz Glinda of Oz Illustrated by John R. Author : Kevin E.

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